It’s unlikely that your insurance will pay for your girlfriend’s abortion. 

Health insurance companies typically require a financial legal obligation, such as a marriage or domestic partnership, before your policy can cover another person.

However, for specific details and answers to your questions, it’s always best to check with your insurance provider.

Does Your Girlfriend Have Health Coverage?

Regardless of which option you and your girlfriend have been discussing, healthcare coverage is necessary during pregnancy and after.

It’s critical that she has coverage in case of any complications or health issues or if she decides to continue her pregnancy.

Health Insurance Options for Your Girlfriend

You can support your girlfriend by helping her look into her insurance options. Here are a few you can assess.

1. Minnesota Medicaid

If your girlfriend meets Minnesota Medicaid’s income limit based on her family size, she could qualify for medical assistance during her pregnancy and beyond.

Minnesota Medicaid only covers abortion in cases of life endangerment, medical necessity, and rape or incest.

2. Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Does your girlfriend work for an employer that sponsors healthcare insurance? If so, she could ask her employer about enrolling in coverage. Sometimes, part-time employees must become full-time employees before they have access to full coverage.

If this is not an option, your girlfriend could consider looking for another job that offers these benefits, as health insurance is so critical.

3. Individual Health Insurance Plan

If your girlfriend doesn’t have access to insurance through work but does have the ability to purchase her own insurance, this is an option. 

However, keep in mind it will generally be more expensive than employer-sponsored insurance, as the employer usually pays for some of the cost.

4. Add Her to Your Insurance Plan

If you are in a serious relationship and have been discussing marriage, getting married would enable you to add her to your health insurance plan.

She may not be able to receive abortion coverage, depending on your health plan, but she would have access to prenatal care should she decide to continue her pregnancy.

Marriage is a long-term commitment, though, so only consider this option if you are both sure this is what you want for the future.

Visit SouthWest Options for Free Services

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Our center can be an excellent first step for you and your girlfriend to receive initial services and talk through all your options and resources.

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