Your Next Step to Clarity

You may be wondering why you need an ultrasound. After a lab-quality pregnancy test is positive, our medical staff can provide a limited obstetrical ultrasound free of charge.

If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, this information is necessary for your health and safety. Protecting your health during your pregnancy should be the priority.

Confirm Your Pregnancy Details

Whichever pregnancy option you choose, the information provided by ultrasound is an essential first step in your decision-making process.

When considering an abortion, knowing how far along you are is necessary for determining the type of abortion procedure and the costs involved. 

How It Works

Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to receive information that can be seen as an image on a screen. This type of imaging does not use radiation and is considered very safe. Images are produced by the ultrasound device, which creates a sound that will bounce back off observed tissues.

In pregnancy, ultrasounds help to verify pregnancy is not ectopic (outside the uterus, which can pose a severe risk to a woman’s health) and is viable (healthy and growing). It helps physicians understand if there are any possible complications or abnormalities and that growth is continuing as usual.

An ultrasound is safe and often used during pregnancy. According to Mayfair Diagnostics, “Ultrasound has been around for over sixty years and is considered safe since there are no known risks and it doesn’t use radiation. It’s one of the most commonly ordered imaging exams since it’s versatile, portable, relatively inexpensive, non-invasive, and can provide real-time information about the area of concern.”

Receive a Free Ultrasound 

For more information about our free limited obstetrical ultrasound examinations, schedule an appointment with our medical team. We offer ultrasounds after receiving a positive pregnancy test with us. Take the next step in your pregnancy journey today!