Simply put, a pregnancy center is a professional clinic that helps you with health services, resources and assistance related to your pregnancy. Pregnancy centers strive to serve their communities, offering medical services, education, options counseling, and more, at no cost.

What Type of Services Do They Provide?

Centers can vary on the services offered, but most provide:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Ultrasound
  • Education
  • Community resource connections
  • Options counseling
  • STI testing or referrals

In addition to these services, some centers will offer routine gynecological services, birth control education, men’s resources, and telehealth services. Usually, all services are entirely free, and insurance is not needed.

Suppose there is assistance you may need, and they are unable to provide it for you at their facility? In that case, many centers help you find the resources you need for your health or family’s success by referring you to someone who can help you further.

What Can I Expect?

Individuals can expect to find a professional, warm, welcoming atmosphere upon entering a Pregnancy Center. You will feel important because you are! You matter, and the quality of the care you receive matters.

They will offer medical grade pregnancy tests and their ultrasounds are performed by specialized nurses who care deeply about your health – emotionally and physically.

Scheduling an appointment is typically flexible. Centers want to accommodate your schedule, making it an uncomplicated healthcare option for most individuals.

You are entirely in control. You decide what care and information you receive. A pregnancy center will help you get the care you need, the answers you request, and the support you deserve.

Where Can I Go?

Contact us today if you would like to discuss our medical services, resources, or community support available to you.

Southwest Options for Women offers free, confidential appointments with no-cost services such as pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and referrals for STD testing.

You matter. We care. We invite you to see what our center is all about.